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Know Who We Are

About our vangmay yoga

It’s an approach that brings together the best of Vangmay Yoga planning and the best of learning yoga Teacher,Diet Nutrition and Ayurveda Therapy  investment management.

A Vangmay Yoga strategy is the means by which it sets out to achieve desired ends. You have ideas, goals, and dreams. We have a culturally diverse as a like Vangmay Yoga new presentation a part of Physical Active , Mind Active, Diet Active and Ayurveda Active branches.

If you will see in Vangmay Yoga then you would have been taught yoga teacher training course 200 & 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training certification course at Vangmay Yoga Institute are registered with Yoga Alliance USA. These intensive Yoga teacher training courses are designed to adequately prepare trainees to teach a general adult population. Targeted to beginners to intermediate level yoga practitioners who usually do not have formal certification from Yoga Alliance USA .

On completion of the yoga instructor course, you can register yourself as RYT 200/300 with Yoga Alliance USA. The RYT 200 & 300 is not just yoga alliance certification; it is much more than the proof that you can develop your career as a yoga teacher. It is the course that leads you through the anatomy and physiology of yoga, assist you travel inward, realize who you are and find answers to the questions that rise in your mind time and again.

   forward thinking team looking for talent like you.

A strict teacher that has been teaching since the age of 24 . he has to be  inclined towards spirituallity since childhood .therefore they have knowledge of “MAHA BHAGWAT GITA” along with spirituality.  they has completed study GITA , MASTER OF YOGASANA and AYURVEDA in DEV SANSKRITI VISHWAVIDYALAYA . And they has also completed MASTER OF GEOGRAPHY . So they have a strong disire to make the surrounding society strong and self – reliant through his studies. That’s why they won’t give you any slack, so you will have to do the very best work you’ve done in your life.

We Offer new year Superior Services

There is a famous river in our country named Ganga and Ganga flows continuously without any discrimination. Threaded everyone in his formula for the welfare of life all over India.

It is our effort in the same way that we develop an educated society through our studies.

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    Client Photo
    Dhruv Paul

    2 years ago- It has been almost more than 6 months since i have been taken classes from Krishnaji from Vangmay yoga, i can tell you they are unique in bangalore. They do not make you do generic pranayama and asanas. They analyze the problem starting from your weight and health and make you do specific asanas suited to your body type and take you through a step by step approach to an advanced level effortlessly. Never knew yoga could be so easy and meaningful before taking classes from Vangmay yoga. If you want to join yoga in Bangalore, this is the place. Yoga is not about cheap and best, it is about the right teacher with right knowledge who wants you to enjoy the benefits and the wonders of yoga without the monstrous fees like that of the other yoga studios.

    Client Photo
    Kumar Raja

    a year ago- I have joined vangmay yoga classes month back. The teachers Krishna, Rashmi and Vijay thought me all kind of asanas, pranayama and meditation in detail with benefits as well. Most of the time i attended Krishan's classes and he is the best yoga teacher i have ever seen, with amazing energy and positive spirit. Even impossible is possible during his classes. The atmosphere during his course is something you can not explain with words, you just smile

    Client Photo
    Rajesh B

    2 months ago- Great place to begin your fitness journey..!! Our yoga instructor is too good in his profession and keep us active throughout the class.I have been attending his classes for more than six months. Krishna Sir make sure that you do the yoga poses in the right way and guide us along throughout the class. Interesting part here is everyday we have different Yoga workouts which helped me to keep fit. With his Yoga sessions I feel rejuvenated, energetic, getting good sleep, maintaining good health and weight. Strongly recommend his services to others too.

    Client Photo
    Chloé Le Berre

    a year ago- I did yoga with Krishna during 15 days (because I could not stay more in marathahalli). It was a great experience. In only 2 weeks my flexibility has increased so much. I learned a lot of different asanas and prayanama. His courses are in English so it was perfect for me. When he knows it's possible he push you more. Sometimes you think : "I don't want to go to yoga class today" but after his classe you feel so relax and good. Thank you for the nice experience. I recommend yogavangmay.

    Client Photo

    9 months ago- I joined Vangmaya yoga institute with absolutely no exposure to yoga and I must say in a short span of time I am able to achieve a good level of command in yoga. Teachers at Vangmaya are simply awesome. Their style of imparting training is so easy to follow that one feels in command of the postures. I appreciate teachers’ patience, commitment and time in spreading knowledge of yoga to naive people like me.

    Latest News

    200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course

    200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training Course

    16th jaunary 2021 6:00 Am – 10:00 Am Marathahahlli Road

    Diet Consultation

    Diet Consultation

    9th January Onwards. Consultation free    Marathahalli Road

    Ayurveda Consultation

    Ayurveda Consultation

    9th January onwards. Online Consultation Free Dr.Pradeep Maurya BAMS MD Kayachikitsa